Job Descriptions

What is a job description?

A job description is a written document that describes the responsibilities, duties, related tasks and skills needed to achieve success in the job. 

They can also be referred to as JD’s, job specifications or job profiles.

In this resource, we’ve created job descriptions for all the most common jobs that B2B Technology companies hire for. 

All you need to do is copy and paste our job description to use straight away, or you can use it as a starting template and edit it to match the marketing job you’re hiring for.

employees writing a job description

What is the purpose of a job description?

There are four main purposes of a job description;

Why are job descriptions important?

There isn’t a legal requirement in the UK to provide a job description, but it is good practice.

Not only does it give the candidate a good idea of their responsibilities, but it also gives them a good idea of what you want them to achieve in the job. 

And the more clarity a candidate has in the marketing job, the more likely they’ll succeed for you. 

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Job Description Template

If you’re just looking for a marketing job description template, then you can download the word version to help you with the structure and layout of the job.

Job Descriptions by Discipline