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Frequently Asked Questions


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How long does it take to get work?

You'll start to see interview requests as soon as 48 hours. From there most interview processes take 2-3 weeks before you get an offer.

Will my employer see my profile?

You can control whether you want an open profile or an anonymous profile. If it's anonymous, then people on the platform won't be able to identify who you are.

How much does this cost?

We don't charge candidates for this service.

Are you a recruitment agency?

No, we're not a recruitment agency. We don't hide information from you, or try and sell you on jobs. Our service is fully transparent.

Can I see all the jobs?

You'll be able to see the jobs that meet your preferences. And you'll control your preferences. Not seeing enough? Talk to our Customer Success team who can help you.

Will you support me?

Of course. We'll help you at every stage of the process with coaching so you can showcase the best version of yourself.

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Hannah Greedy

"The team has been able to introduce some great quality candidates on job searches that I had previously advertised online with no success."

Hannah Greedy
Head of Marketing
Ross Chapman

"Market Pool’s unique approach saved us tons of time, allowing us to quickly judge capability and cultural fit, and ultimately accelerate the hiring process."

Ross Chapman
VP Marketing
Cristina Saretti

"It has been nothing but a pleasure dealing with the team at Market Pool. They truly understand B2B marketing and couple this with great knowledge and excellent people skills."

Cristina Saretti
Head of Demand Generation